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Best Old Fashioneds!

Howdy D3 peeps! Tony Baxter here!

I am doing the second installment of our THURSDAY'S TIPS & TRICKS 'old fashioned' edition! In this post, I will put up some of my suggestions about where I get good old fashioneds and then anyone can post in the comments their suggestions as to where to get their favorite.

It is a drink that I never really had before D3 but now that D3 has shown me where to get amazing ones and the amazing array of verities, my liver and my wallet have never been the same! It is now my go to anywhere on Disney property. Soooo.... Without further ado,


Boathouse; regular and the holiday

Yak N Yeti; regular and their holiday as well

Enzo's Hideaway; Hazelnut Old Fashioned

Polite Pig; buffalo trace Old Fashioned

Splitsville's Holiday Old Fashioned

Edison's Smokey Old Fashioned


OK everyone show me more!! My liver and my wallet are ready!!

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