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Club D3 Fact Sheet-

1.Binny ( our trashcan mascot) is located at the exit of Rose and Crown pub in Epcot. ( don’t trust any other trashcan) see website for the Binny story ( about to be made into a Hallmark movie)

2.You should always start in Mexico when drinking around the world.

3. You should always start in Canada when drinking around the world

4.You should always start in France when drinking around the world.

5. You should always start in UK when drinking around the world.

5. Yak & Yeti has a club secret bar menu. It’s at the bar only and the password is “Take me to the summit “

( Yes I know there are two fives, I’ve been day drinking)

6. There are no bars in the Magic Kingdom other than Club 33. However you can order a drink at various sit down restaurants in magic kingdom.

7. There are different types of bar crawls . Monorail, Disney springs, Skyliner, Boardwalk . Animal Kingdom Crawl, Hollywood studios crawl and Drinking around the world at Epcot.

8. If you see Skip in the park and he does not have his challenge coin with him, he must to buy you a drink ( on property only .. not in the shower or at Publix)

9. The Boathouse and the Edison have a secret drink for club members called the “Day Drinker” ( Boathouse ) and the “liti Binny “ ( The Edison) no password required.

10. Please tip your bartenders and servers well and be a nice club member.

11. Please posts your drinks when you’re in the parks and let us know what you are drinking and where you are.

12. Yes we will be doing more events at Disneyland and Disney World in 2023

13. Yes we have a singles page for our single members

14. Yes we have a running team that likes to do shots of fireball during marathons.

15. This is a very positive page, it’s about The happiest place on earth. Our members are happy.

16. Please drink responsibly.

17. Please don’t post about sneaking drinks into the park. ( they know that’s not sunscreen in that sunscreen bottle)

18. There is a walk up line for space 220 lounge. If you show up a half hour prior to the opening of space 220 you can usually get right up there when it opens.

19. Our moderators love when you buy them drinks

20. To order Club gear we have a website

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