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Meet The Moderators

Hey @everyone ! As we are approaching 70,000 members. I wanted to say thank you. This has been such an amazing ride with such a wonderful and positive group. I also wanted to reintroduce our moderators to all of our new members.  Each Wednesday for the next few months we will feature one of our hard working behind the scenes, moderators. This feature will be called “meet the moderators” .Today we will start with me. 

Hello I’m Skip, i’m a Disney Day Drinker 😂

Ever since I was a kid, I just loved Disney parks and now as an adult I love them even more. I’m originally from Arlington Virginia. I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University, and immediately I started to work in broadcast media for iHeartRadio.  I began as a morning show stunt guy, I would run across bridges naked. I was a human piñata. I parachuted with the golden knights. I became sort of a local hero before smart phones lol . As I continue to work for iHeartRadio , I became a morning show cohost, I got to interview presidents and artists, and hang out backstage at concerts. (overrated fyi )  it sucked. I had to get up at 4 o’clock every morning (sober and cheerful) but such an amazing job.  I became the Marketing Director for iHeartRadio and as of late Audacy media group.  In this role I was able to put together festivals, concerts, and meet ups.  I think this was why I really enjoyed creating and putting together the Disney Day Drinkers Club. A great place where everyone with the same passion can meet up for a drink at Disney, plus be able to celebrate the drinks, bars and bartenders of Disney. Throughout the last year and a half, I have met so many wonderful people. Some of the resources we have for our members is a web page ( working on a new and improved website) , a running group. and a singles group Coming soon we will have our very own app. Also we have rented out Italy in Epcot with open bar and fireworks and rides ( official announcement soon) we have an Instagram page and a TikTok page We are so looking forward to many more hangovers with all of you.

Tony Baxter will be next Wednesday. Good luck !

Club links ( link tree) — with David Humphries and 7 others.

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