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Meet the Moderators

well hello earthlings ✨

Elise here! It’s my turn to play #meetthemoderators from Richmond, VA but now an Orlando local, I am a fairly new Disney Daydrinker actually! My first trip to Disney ever was in 2020 to Hollywood Studios, mask & all…first trip drinking around the world was for my 29th birthday in 2021 and Disneyland to meet our west coast daydrinkers this past March SO I too still learn from this group and still feel new to the ✨magic✨ that is Disney when I go to the parks. 🥰

My life outside of D3 consists of a background in radio (where Skip & I met back in ~2018) venue/show marketing, bartending, and currently going on tour with drag queens where I am the VIP meet & greet coordinator and Assistant Tour Manager. ❤️‍🔥

Otherwise, I am a huge space nerd & follow all things NASA, SpaceX related…like to build Legos as a hobby, and spend most of my time outdoors and traveling anywhere I can.

Skip asked me to help out with the club in October 2021 when there were about 300 members aboard & it has been a blast riding along with this growing family ever since! Thanks to all 70k+ of you for making this group the best excuse to go day drinking 😅 and to my fellow moderators for being one hell of a team. If y’all ever see me walking around the parks, don’t hesitate to say hi! and you can follow along with my life on Instagram @ earth2elise_

Cheers Club D3, drinks up! 🍹

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