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Mixology class with Space Christopher

When at Disney World and going to bars and restaurants, you meet all kinds of bartenders. The best ones really enjoy the fact that they are working in the happiest place on earth. The best ones also contribute to the magic. Arguably one of the best in the business that makes the drinks magical is Space Christopher from Space 220. There's always a long line or a long wait to get up to the lounge at Space 220. Chris makes it worth it once you get up there. With the signature drinks that they have at the bar he has a story each time for each shrink. Truly makes the entire experience magical.

January 5 we have a special event. Mixology class with Space Christopher. Two hours of stories ,great cocktails and he teaches you how to make the secret recipes from space. Tickets are below. This is going to be an intimate event with only a handful of people . Tickets will sell out.

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