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Monorail Bar Crawl

Hey there, D3 folks! It's me, Ryan Noonan, your friendly neighborhood Minister of Mischief - and I have the great honor of producing the next segment of TIPS AND TRICKS!

Today, we will be focusing on the Monorail Bar Crawl. Specifically, I will be highlighting some of my favorite places for you to check out along with some can't miss drinks (in my opinion)!

First thing is first - the question most often asked is "Where should I park?" The answer to that question can come in a few different ways - by either making a reservation for a meal at the hotel you want to start at, or parking at the TTC (Transportation Ticket Center) and boarding the monorail to where you want to start.

If that is the most asked question, the next most asked question is "Where should we start the crawl?" In my experience, while you can certainly pick where you want to start - the best place to start and end is at the Poly and that is for one important reason (something we all have to be reminded of consuming), the food. Starting and ending at the Poly will ensure that you get the necessary nourishment to go with your drinks so that you hopefully don't feel the effects of a big night out! Might I suggest, the potstickers and their noodle dish (if still available).

Now, to the part you have been waiting for - my tips for the best bars on the Monorail Crawl.

My list is below:

Poly: Tambu Lounge has a DELICIOUS watermelon margarita that is usually my go-to whenever I am there. I HIGHLY recommend this as a starter to go with any food selections you partake in! Of course, there is Trader Sam's! You may get lucky and score a Black Pearl!

Grand Floridian: Do take into consideration that a little decorum is needed in this particular hotel as it is one of the more upscale ones. That being said, I recommend you head to Enchanted Rose and partake in one of their excellent Old Fashioneds that they serve.

Contemporary: Here, you have a few options. First, youll want to check out the Outer Rim. The bartenders are incredibly generous there with their drink pours and the service is excellent (in my opinion). If the line is ever too long, you can always go down to the bar at Steakhouse 71! Great service there too!

I hope you found this post informative! As always, it is a privilege to be one of your moderators in this group! I wish you a fun and safe night out around property! DRINKS UP!

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