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The Proper Way to Do a Monorail Bar Crawl at Disney

The Proper Way

Club D3 will show you the proper way to do a monorail bar crawl at Disney. Skip has assembled a team of experts, including Rob from Jelly Rolls, Elise, and Chris, to guide you on this exciting adventure.

Starting at the Wilderness Lodge


The first stop on the monorail bar crawl ( believe it or not, is not a monorail stop) is the Wilderness Lodge. Hidden at the back of the resort, Geyser Point offers a fantastic place to kick off your crawl. With its beautiful waterfront location, you can enjoy great views of Discovery Island and Fort Wilderness. During the daytime, Geyser Point is the perfect spot for cocktails. At night, you can even catch the boat parade passing by. Although the monorail does not go directly to the Wilderness Lodge, Disney offers various transportation options, including a boat ride from the lodge to the Magic Kingdom and now reopened boat route to the contemporary,

For the Magic Kingdom and the Resort Monorail


Upon reaching the Magic Kingdom or contempt, make sure to take the resort monorail for the ultimate bar crawl experience. This monorail stops at all the resorts along the way, including the Contemporary Resort, the Transportation Center, the Polynesian Resort, and the Grand Floridian, before returning to the Magic Kingdom.

The Contemporary Resort


The Contemporary Resort, holds historical significance. It hosted Bob Hope for its grand opening and was the site of Richard Nixon's famous "I'm not a crook" speech. The California Grill, located at the top of the resort, offers breathtaking views of Disney and is an excellent spot to watch the fireworks.

Steakhouse 71 and the Polynesian Resort


After enjoying the Contemporary Resort, it's time to head back on the monorail and make your way to the Polynesian Resort. With its stunning lobby and captivating ambiance, the Polynesian Resort is a must-visit. Trader Sam's is a popular destination within the resort, where skilled bartenders, known as Skippers, serve delicious drinks in Tiki mugs. When you order a signature drink, you'll even witness an entertaining skit.

The Grand Floridian Resort


The final stop on the monorail bar crawl is the Grand Floridian Resort. This luxurious and glamorous resort offers several bars and restaurants, but the group's favorite is the Enchanted Rose. With its intimate atmosphere and upscale feel, the Enchanted Rose is the perfect place to end the crawl.



The monorail bar crawl at Disney is a fantastic experience, filled with great drinks, stunning locations, and memorable moments. While the suggested stops include Geyser Point, California Grill, Steakhouse 71, Trader Sam's, and the Enchanted Rose, feel free to customize your crawl and explore other bars along the route. Join the Disney Day Drinkers Club to stay informed about upcoming group events and make new friends who share your love for Disney and drinks.

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