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How I survived my first Dopey at the 2022 RunDisney Marathon weekend! And you can too!!!

2:30 comes quick and early, especially when you are used to going to bed at 10 or 11 at night! However, you take that and multiply by 4 times and you'd usually be setting yourself up to fail whatever it is you had going on! Or maybe not!! I am so excited to being doing my second dopey in 2023 and I'm excited about running the marathon, which will be my 20th RunDisney race! What a way to celebrate that milestone!! I really just want this blog to be about perhaps those trying to tackle their first RunDisney race or perhaps marathon weekend experience. 2022 Dopey marked my 4th or 5th RunDisney weekend, but first time experiencing the marathon weekend. It was overwhelming at first, but I hope to share some experiences I had, some things I did and some things I will change this go around.

Tip #1 - Soak it all In and have fun!

The number one advice I was given when I first got into RunDisney events was, DON'T EXPECT A PR and don't try!! The first Wine and Dine I did, I skipped the 5K and headed straight for the challenge. I ran the entire 10k and when I met up with my wife and family later on, I couldn't really tell them much about the course, the characters, the parks, etc. I made it my goal moving forward to 1) make sure I'm good with the time and 2) soak it all in, especially the characters and the parks! Not to mention the adult beverage at the end of each race!!

This is a face of pure happiness!!!

Tip #2 - Hydrate regardless of temperature and eat

Yes, you are reading this blog from a Day drinking running team, so I'm going to tell you to have fun, enjoy the Disney adult beverage drinks, buy a ticket and enjoy our hospitality suite but throughout all of that HYDRATE and EAT. When I say hydrate, whatever your drinking, just add water before, during or after each time! For those of us doing the longer runs, the goofy or the dopey, this will be very beneficial come Sunday when our legs will want to give out!! I've been down to Disney three times during Marathon weekend, one time it was below freezing at night and one time they shortened the run because it was so hot.

Tip #3 - Get rested, but have fun during the day

Club D3 will offer an amazing opportunity for runners and families to enjoy a hospitality suite over the marathon weekend, Friday to Sunday. It is an opportunity to come and go as you please, with open bar, select food throughout the day and be able to meet other Disney runners who enjoy the adult beverage as well. Plus it will give you an opportunity to relax as well! I 100% recommend grabbing a ticket for the event (perhaps a celebrity bartender). Click button below to head over to grab some tickets before they are gone.

I had my heart set on going to the parks, as my sister and I were doing a brother/sister trip and both running the Dopey. While I love the parks, I felt I needed to be away from that for a little bit and be able to relax. This time, I plan to grab breakfast after, definitely grab a much needed nap and then head to our hospitality suite. The great thing is I'll be able to come and go and meet some awesome new friends! I think just being around other RunDisney runners will make this weekend memorable.

Tip #4 - Characters, Characters and Characters

If you have time and are well equipped to finish in front of the balloon ladies, then make it a point to grab photo pass and stop along the route for some great character meet and greets. Of course, most locations will take a picture with your phone, but it's so nice to have the photo pass and be able to not worry about it until after the race or even the weekend. There is also great picture opportunities at the Expo.

Tip #5 - Grab a beer or margarita in Epcot for an EPIC photo finish!

I don't think much else needs to be said. I don't know how I will do it, but my goals is a margarita with chips and guac as I cross the finish line on Sunday!

Finish Line

Well hopefully you've read this far and I want to thank you for being the best part of the best Disney running group on Facebook. We couldn't be where we are without our members and we truly are blessed. Please don't forget to invite friends and family to our group and if you are in the Orlando area, grab a ticket and come support your RunDisney brothers and sisters and enjoy some food and drinks!!

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