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Club D3 Running Team Blog!

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Welcome to our running blog and we appreciate our loyal members!

Welcome to Club D3 Running team and our new blog. We greatly appreciate your support so far in this group and can’t wait as this group continues to grow and provide fun opportunities for runners to connect across the US and the world. I first wanted to introduce myself, Matthew Jarnagin. I am a huge Disney fanatic and blessed to be an out of state passholder. I am married to my wonderful, beautiful wife, Katie and we have two children. We love visiting Disney and have been doing that annually over the last 13 years. I currently serve as a chaplain in the Army.

What to expect from our blog and shoutout to Skip!!

Now, enough about me and more about this group and the blog. First and foremost, I want to say thanks to Skip, founder of not only the famous Disney Day Drinkers Club facebook group, but also one that started our Club D3 Running Team page as well. I can’t wait for this group to grow and for the blog to become an integral part of our club. We look to showcase members, product reviews, races, and a variety of other topics that would help keep you up to date on all things running. However, as our parent group is about all things disney and drinking, we of course will do showcases on all things RunDisney and the latest and greatest drinks and food offered at Disney parks around the world.

Your Team of Moderators rock!!!

This blog or the Facebook group would not and could not flourish without a team of amazing, awesome and dedicated moderators. I want to say thank you and honored to introduce our two other moderators along with Skip and I, Charlotte and Sarah!! These two amazing women love all things running and of course, Disney. We can't wait to add members into our group and we appreciate you joining and watching us grow!

We may not finish first, but you can bet we will be first to the bar!

I know our members running experience will range from marathon winners to those starting an amazing journey to better their lives and better their health. We will support everyone in this community and we will uphold all to encourage and love on those starting their very first run all the way to running their 100th marathon. We look forward to hearing and reading all about those journeys.


We are so excited to be able to share an opportunity for a hospitality suite over Marathon weekend in 2023! We have secured an amazing venue at the Swan Resort in the Epcot resorts area!! Join us for an all day event, come and go as you please with an open bar and food. This will be a limited ticket event over the weekend with multiple days so make sure you are ready when tickets go on sale!!! MORE NEWS COMING!!

Please share our blog, share our group and please PM any one of the admins for what news, product reviews or events you’d like to see! Don't forget to click below to grab our official Clud D3 running shirt!!



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